Letter L Preschool Activities

Letter L Preschool Activities


We LEARN so much with Letter L and love literature with Luis the Librarian as we laugh our way through the book, The Lamb Who Loved to Laugh!  We also learn that L is for… lacing, ladder, ladle, lady, ladybug, lake, lamb, lamp, lantern, large, lasagna, laughter, lavender, leaf, leak, learn, leash, left, Legos, legs, lemon, lemon aid stand, lemon meringue pie, lemur, lentils, leopard, leotard, leprechaun, let, letters, lettuce, library card/book, licorice, lid, Life cereal, light, light/heavy, like, lime,  lines, linguine, lion, lips, listen, literature, little, lizard, llama, lobster, locket, locks, log, lollipop, look, lotion, love, lowercase letters, Lucky Charms, lunch, lunchbox, and so much more!

all rights reserved @lilscholarsuniversity.com
all rights reserved @lilscholarsuniversity.com
Our Letter Ll YouTubeSong List
Our kids get so excited when they bring in fruit and boy do we get some creative chefs!
Check out our Letter L Watermelon and Ladybug Platter!
Here is a sneak peek of our literacy, math, and sensory centers!
We make Lollipops out of tinker toys, build with Lincoln Logs and create masterpieces with our mini Legos.
We create TLC Lollipops, work on our Letter Ll journals, and hand paint Lions!
Direct Draw is a huge favorite and we love our unique Ladybugs! No 2 are ever the same!
FUN FRIDAY is how we always end our week! We celebrate with WEAR & SHARE and usually Science Exploration! We release ladybugs in our garden…
use our senses as we explore Lemons and Limes…
and give them a Taste Test with a common end result…
We hope you are inspired by Letter Ll in Our Room over the years…

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