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LETTER H is for Halloween Fun!

Our activities, art, crafts, and centers come to life as we learn all about the Letter H and Hide-and-Seek Hippo from Scholastic Alphatales and learn to write our Letter H with Hairy the Hairdresser!  The main focus of our classroom is Happiness and Halloween. Our favorite part of Letter H Week is creating our Haunted House TLC Art and inviting our families in for our Halloween Trunk-or-Treat! We hope we may inspire you as a parent or preschool/kindergarten teacher with our pics and videos below!  

all rights reserved @lilscholarsuniversity.com
all rights reserved @lilscholarsuniversity.com
Our Letter Hh YouTubeSong List
Our Halloween YouTubeSong List
Check out some of our favorite snacks for Letter H: Honey Grahams, Honeydew, and Honeycomb Cereal. We also love snacks that we can manipulate into letters like pretzel sticks for uppercase H and square crackers to make houses.
Here is a sneak peek of our literacy, math, science, sensory and block centers!
We use shapes to create TLC Haunted Houses, work on our Letter Hh Journals and paint our hands to make our unique handmade Hearts!
We love our Direct Draw Houses; no 2 are ever the same!
We absolutely LOVE celebrating Letter Hh as we invite our families to join us for our Annual Halloween Trunk or Treat!
We hope you are inspired by Letter Hh in Our Room over the years…

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