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We have been having FUN with Letter Ff in our room!  Our Fingerling Friend made a guest appearance and we named her Tickles! We fixed farm fences with Finn, followed Fifi Ferret’s flute with her fabulous friends and made our very own Foil Friends as we learned all about how to be a good friend! We also found that Ff is for… fabric, face, fairy, fall, family, fan, farm, feather, feelings, feet, felt, fennel, fern, festive, fiddle, Fig Newtons, figs, fine motor skills, finger, finger paint, fire, fire engine, firefighter, first place, fish, fish crackers, fish sticks, fishing, five, flag, flamingo, flower, flute, fly, fondue, football, fork, fossil, four, fox, frames, French bread, French fries, French toast, friend, friendship, frog, frosted flakes, fruit, fruit cups, fruit roll-ups, fruit snacks, fudge, funnel, and so much more!

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Our Letter Ff YouTube Song List
Ff is for fruit and they LOVE bringing it in!
We love introducing our Friend Fingerling our class named Tickles because she laughs when we hold her!
Here is a sneak peek of our literacy, math, and sensory centers!
Direct Draw is a huge favorite and we love our unique Fish! No 2 are ever the same!
We create TLC Firetrucks, work on our Letter Ff journals, and hand paint Fish!
This HERO saves lives and this cutie calls him Daddy! We absolutely LOVED having FF Joe join our class as we learned to STOP, DROP & ROLL, listening to FF Joe read us a Clifford Story and of course seeing him fully dressed-up in gear and receiving our special gear, too! 
Ff is for FUN FRIDAY and how we always end our week! We celebrate with WEAR & SHARE and usually Science Exploration! COMING SOON!
We hope you are inspired by Letter Ff in Our Room over the years…

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