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LETTER E Preschool Activities

Are you looking for creative Letter E Preschool Activities?  You have come to the right place! We EXPLORE the Letter E with Eddie the Eraser erasing everything and we are extremely entertained with the book, The Enormous Elephant Show!  We also engage with the Letter E and… eagle, earmuffs, earphones, earrings, ears, Earth, earthworms, easel, Easter Bunny, edges, Eeyore, egg, egg STEM, egg rolls, Eggo waffles, eggplant, Eggplant Parmigiana, eight, elbow noodles, elbows, elephant, elf, Elmer, emotions, enchiladas, engine, envelope, equal, eraser, Eskimo, eye, eyedropper, 8, 11, and so much more!

all rights reserved @lilscholarsuniversity
all rights reserved @lilscholarsuniversity
Our Letter Ee YouTubeSong List
Our kids get so excited when they bring in snack and boy do we get some creative chefs! Check out our Letter E Edamame, E’s made from pretzels and E for Eggo waffles!
Here is a sneak peek of our literacy, sensory and math centers!
We use shapes to create TLC Elephants, work on our Letter Ee journals, and paint our hands to make our special baby elephants!
Elephants 🐘 are big, have trunks, and are gray. But what about Elmer, whose skin is covered with colorful patchwork? Elmer, by David McKee, tells the tale of an elephant who sticks out, both with his patchwork and his sense of humor, and how he and his community learn to accept and value his unique characteristics. 💕#teachingchildrenphilosophy 💕
Direct Draw Elephants 🐘no 2 are ever the same!
Ee is for Electricity…
EGGSploration is the best! 👀 🖐🏻 👂 👃🏻 👄 We use all of our senses and spin the 🥚 to see which one may be cooked or not and hypothesize why one spins faster than the other. The kids love watching them break open and the best is carrying this on through the week as we investigate 🔍 what will happen to the 🥚 when left in vinegar over a couple of days! Can you guess?? If not, make sure to ✅ in with us as we post our results!
A rubbery egg that we can actually bounce! Don’t believe us? Try it and post your results below in our comment box! We can’t wait to see your results!
E is for 🐘 & every Friday we WEAR & SHARE! The kids LOVE IT as they wear anything that begins with our Letter and share with clues what’s hidden inside their school bag!

Ee is for EDUCATION!

Attn all preschool teachers and preschool owners, 🗣we are super excited to share, in partnership with @skywellsllc, our Preschool Teacher Academy and Small Business for Preschool Owners cert programs launching this October!!! This includes how to bring mindfulness into your classroom, planning your room, curriculum and more! 🙌
📷 Adorable Photo credit @kimberly_k_photography
We hope you are inspired by Letter Ee in Our Room over the years…

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