Letter B Preschool Activities


Are you looking for Letter B Preschool Activities for your kids or students? Well you have come to the right place and we can’t wait to share with you how our environment turns into our Letter B Learning Wonderland as we focus on balance, bears, builders, blocks, buttons, and so much more!

Letter B Preschool Activities


Mindful Activities for Preschoolers

Mindfulness is the key to a child’s well-being as they learn to focus and build lifelong skills of self awareness, self-control and stress reduction. When we learn all about the Letter B as we practice our balloon breath. We learn the proper way to inhale while filling up our belly, holding our breath, and exhaling the air out completely. To illustrate, here is a visual to help you and have fun practicing.


Preschool Learning Centers – Instant Download

In addition, along with mindfulness comes intentional teaching. Whether you are a teacher or parent, planning out what and how you will teach for the day is crucial to your success and you will find yourself prepared, focused and equipped to teach intentionally. So much time and experience has been placed into these lesson plans and we want to share them with you! Furthermore, what makes these products unique is we have found a way to tie in our letter focus with cross-curricular subjects, learning centers, snacks, activities and more! We certainly hope you enjoy our list of Letter B Preschool Centers in the Classroom! To demonstrate, keep scrolling to see these these plans put into action.


Learning Centers at Home or In the Classroom

Our classroom is filled with academic tools from fine-motor skill building to open creations. Additionally, we have a large array of materials for children to explore with and learn from daily. Therefore, our classroom comes to life based on our themes and all materials used to encompass that theme. Our primary goal, specifically, is that students grow with a true love for learning and the confidence needed for personal and academic success. When Letter B is our focus you will find bears, buttons, balloons, balls, builders and more throughout our centers.


Activities for the Alphabet

We specifically focus on the alphabet daily. There are so many tools you can use to help teach the alphabet to your preschooler with simple supplies from home. Books are surely a great start! To point out the letters, take your kids on a letter hunt through a book with fun tools like pointers, magnifying glasses or even sunglasses.


Educational Toys

Toys are another great tool and Amazon has tons of amazing educational toys and alphabet materials that you can find to use daily with your preschoolers. In particular, some of our kids top choices for Letter B are Block Magnets, Ball Toss-ABC123, & Bears.


Alphatales Books

We absolutely LOVE our Alphatales Books! Every week we go on an adventure with these adorable characters as they take us through a letter specific book filled with phonemic awareness and a meaningful storyline. In addition, at the end of each irresistible story, you will find a hide-and-seek picture page along with a fun rhyming poem, for loads of practice with each letter. Letter B, for example, is for Bubble Bear who takes us on a bubbly tale as he blows the best bubbles in town. However, when Badger tries to spoil Bear’s fun, Bear blows a bubble that you won’t believe. Of course if you want to find out what happens, read your Alphatales to see Bear’s best bubbles and what he creates for Badger!


Literacy Activities

Our literacy/writing and art centers are filled with letters to build words and when Letter B is our focus, we become builders with our materials and writing skills as we create masterpieces like bears, barns, buildings butterflies, and so much more.

Handwriting Practice

Handwriting is such an important tool in the development of children. Practicing handwriting helps strengthen fine motor skills and will lay the groundwork for proper pencil grip and tension. These handwriting pages, for example, are a great practicing tool. In addition, as writing skills develop, be sure to practice and continue proper pencil grip.


Math Activities

We love exploring with numbers and manipulatives in our Math Center as we work with patterns, shapes, counting, sorting, measurement, estimation, and more. When Letter B is our focus, we use counting bears, beans, blocks, butterflies, buttons and more.


Snack Ideas

Snacks are a vital part to our day and supply our kids with energy, as well as support healthy eating habits. We offer fruit daily and absolutely love to theme our snacks and incorporate learning. Our kids get so excited when they bring in fruit to share and boy do we get some creative chefs! Letter B Snacks are always a hit with bananas & blueberry birds, bagels, biscuits, and brownies for Fun Friday!


Circle Time Activities

Circle Time is a favorite for so many of our kids and our learning truly comes to life. We work on literacy and math skills along with calendar, weather, days in school, alphabet, letter focus, handwriting practice and of course stories, songs and music and movement. Every time we hear the Letter B, we raise our hand with Letter B formed in sign language!


Read Aloud Books

We LOVE books and read to our kids daily! Reading stimulates imagination and builds a foundation for academic success. In addition, language and listening skills grow, vocabulary expands and social and emotional development is strengthened. Some of our kids top picks for Letter B Books are Brown Bear as we focus colors and we act out as bears as We’re Going on a Bear Hunt.


Music and Movement

Music helps children’s ability to learn and movement strengthens large motor skills. Surprisingly, combing music and movement, helps to improve listening skills and cognitive development. Our Letter B Playlist is loved by all and sent home, tying the home and school together and we hope you enjoy our Letter B Playlist as much as we do!

Art and Craft Activities

Do you want to see your kids boom with excitement and pride? Then let’s get creative with arts and crafts to help children develop fine motor skills and imagination. Top hits for Letter B are bears, bunnies and butterflies, to list a few. We manipulate shapes as we create TLC Bears and paint our hands to make our butterflies. We also use our listening skills to create our Directed Draw Bunny.


In conclusion, we have been teaching for over the past 20 years and want to hold on to the memories. As a matter of fact, no two years have ever looked the same in our classroom. It is common to evaluate teaching methods and make changes when needed as change creates new motivation and excitement. Pinterest has been a great tool to gain new ideas, find inspiration and connect with other educators. As a result, we hope to inspire and connect with you through our Pinterest Boards, Social Links and all of our memories from over the years.

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