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Advertising is an important piece to building your home preschool, whether you are just starting out, changing up your program days/hours, or adding more kids into your program. Below are some tools to help you advertise and build your business.

  • REFERRALS – Your very BEST form of advertising will always be WORD OF MOUTH!  Having current families out in the community expressing to others how much they love you and your program will always be your best form of advertising.
  • NETWORKING is huge! Jump into your community to share your business with everyone you know.
  • LOCAL SCHOOLS is a great start.  Let the secretary know where you are located and that you are here to help your community.  If they have kids who do not qualify for their exact programs, they should be eager to help direct those families to you.
  • OTHER LOCAL PRESCHOOLS – Connect with other local preschools to find out their availability.  Refer to them if you are full or if ages don’t match.  They will most likely appreciate the referrals and do the same in return.

SOCIAL MEDIA Social media is an amazing tool that we have readily available at our fingertips. Many are using some form of Social Media and we can leverage this to our advantage.  Link your social media accounts to your website or blog.  Weekly posts of activities, is a great attention-grabbing tool.  Some social pages have local community pages for you to join or add a post.  Paid sponsored adds that allows you to hit certain groups and demographics.

  • LOGO – A logo is a very important advertising tool as this is the image that people will begin to remember you by.  The connection will begin to be made as they continue to hear and see your name.  Creating a logo that is fun and colorful will appeal to parents and kids. This will be used on your website, social media, and promotional tools.
  • WEBSITE – A clean and user-friendly website is a great form of communication and a way to get your name out there on the big web.  This should be attractive to parents and kids and is your first impression, so make it unique to you and your program.
  • BUSINESS CARDS & FLYERS – Your business cards and fliers should also be fun and attractive to your customers.  Business cards should include your logo, contact phone, website, email, and social media pages.  Once your business cards are created you can take important pieces from cards and websites to include on your flier.  The focus should include program hours, days, and times.
  • GOOGLE ADS – “Online advertising lets you target your ads to the type of customers you want, and filter out those you don’t. When you advertise online with Google Ads, you can use different targeting methods to reach potential customers right when they’re searching for your products or services.” –Google.support.com
  • CARE.COM – “Get the help you need for your children while making it easier to find better care for your whole family.” –Care.com
  • PRESCHOOL FAIRS – Hosting a table or becoming a sponsor at your local preschool Fairs is a great way to get your name out within your community and among local families.  These events are centered around your kids with fun hands-on activities, games, music, and more.  Many of these types of fairs have local directories that are given to current and new families within a community.
  • CAR MAGNETS/DECALS – Your car tootles around town and this is a great focal point for your business name; an inexpensive tool with a lot of exposure.

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