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Reading Slinkies

We had so much fun hosting this amazing educational tool from titled Crawlies Word Tracer. Some cute bugs are here to help young learners with their writing skills. We paired this tracer with our Reading Slinkys! A huge THANK YOU to Shannon at for another amazing resource! is full of academic resources like this for all areas.  Let the learning and fun continue!


We cozie up during Letter D week and learn how to follow Directions through our Cozy Maze.  As we move through our classroom and follow lines, just like our maze.  We also discuss how we can’t make it through walls, so we then need to find a new direction to follow.  Once we make it back to our tables, we trace through our maze with our “super magic direction finger” and then put our markers to paper to follow our way in and out of our Cozy Maze!  We always have a blast!!  A huge THANK YOU to Shannon at for another amazing resource!!

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It was such an honor when we were contacted by Shannon at to publish a fully prepared activity exclusively on our blog.  We immediately got to work and created this with our class!  We hope you enjoy this video of OUR CLASSROOM SHAPE BOOK!

Below you will find Our Shape Book Video!  You will also find this activity and a direct link to it!  We hope you will use our tools to create this with your own child or classroom!  If you do, please post it and include all links within this post.  PLEASE send us a link of your activity, so that we may post it on our sites, as well!  Let’s reach other parents and educators with this inspiration and may it continue to be shared for all to LEARN!  ENJOY!


At the beginning of the year, kindergarteners spend lots of time on shape recognition. more often than not, kids are introduced to shapes in preschool, but in kindergarten, they’ll start learning more about the way our world is made up of all those shapes. Here’s a great way for your child to get ready for the new challenges in a kindergarten classroom. Back in preschool, there were lots of books to teach kids about shapes. Now’s a fun time to switch the roles. Help your child make her own shape book.

What You Need:

Construction paper in bright colors
White card stock paper
Several 5×8 index cards
Digital Camera

What You Do:
  1. Take a walk with your child around your home and look for shapes.  You can help point out windows, or doors, or pictures, and trace your finger in the air around the object to help her visualize the shapes.
  2. Ask your child what shape she sees.
  3. Write the name of the object along with the picture of the shape it represents on an index card, and then tape it up.
  4. For example: “Door” would be an example of a rectangle.
  5. If your child knows the letter sounds, have her help you write the word. Have her sound it out phonetically.
  6. For example, Your child may only write “D-R” for door. Many kids do this—vowels are among the hardest letters to understand and use. Let your child misspell at this stage – there will be plenty of time later for corrections! If this is too challenging, however, don’t fret: let your child dictate and you can write the object’s name in clear block letters.
  7. Now take a photograph of your child next to each one of those shape locations, and make a book!
  8. Help your child make a cut-out of each shape, out of colored construction paper. Make sure to cut the shape no larger than 3×3 or so.
  9. Each page of the book will be a piece of white cardstock paper, oriented horizontally. Glue the cut-out shape onto the upper left-hand side of the page. On the other side of the page, help your child glue down the photo of her standing next to that particular shape in your home. Do this for four or five shapes, and you’ve got a shape beautiful book!
  10. Take one extra piece of blank paper, and help your child make it into a cover. Write “Shapes in My House” on the front, and have your child add decoration—whatever she likes! Make sure she signs her name as the author, too!
  11. Bind your book by stapling the left-hand margins. This is sure to make your teacher’s day!
When Completed

When you and your child are finished with the book, before she gives it to her teacher, go over the book with her and how well she can recognize and identify the shapes in her home. You can do this activity without making a book any time you like with your child, to help give her a leg up on those important kindergarten skills.


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