Back-to-School Night in Preschool

Back to School Night in Preschool is always a valuable tool to help you learn and visualize your child’s classroom experience. We use this special night as a hands-on opportunity to engage our parents like we do our kids.

WELCOME to our Back to School Night in Preschool!!!  We are SO EXCITED that you are here with us!!



  • We are excited to show off our Google Board and our Apple TV.  With these amazing tools, we are able to enhance our educational experiences with new apps such as HWT, audio storybooks, songs, etc. 


  • Key to a child’s successful year
  • Always feel able and welcome to email us at any time.  We will not be able to respond from 8am-8pm and will get back to you within 24 hours.  
  • If you have a question most likely another parent does to so please don’t be afraid to ask.


  • PLEASE ALWAYS REMEMBER: Quick Goodbyes Lead to Dry Eyes!
  • Parents drop off at the door
  • Your child comes in and will take shoes off & place in the basket
  • Hang SCHOOL BAG ONLY (change of clothes if needed, NO TOYS except SHARING DAYS ONLY related to the theme)
  • STUDENT SIGN-IN Children sign-in/find their name (focusing on Letter/Name Recognition) at table & place on wall chart/Pre-K same & sign name in our book
  • CENTER EXPLORATION-Meet teachers at tables/carpet with activities (independent activities/teacher-directed activities)
  • CLEAN-UP-Sing songs as we put all tools/toys away
  • CIRCLE TIME-Whole Group-
    • Calendar/How Many Days in School (Math)
    • Weather (Science) Meet George 🙂
    • Hand-Washing
    • Snack
    • Story (related to Small Group* Activities)
    • Small-Group* (Teacher Directed Small Group Activities/TLC ART/Center Rotation)
    • Large-Group (Music/Movement/Flannel Stories)
    • Outside Exploration (Gross Motor Skills/Sensory/Games)
    • Dismissal


  • Teachers will open the door when the day begins and is over/Please do not knock or ring the bell as it is very disruptive.
  • Please ALWAYS BE ON TIME for drop-off & pick up/$1 per minute when late for pick-up.  (ratio policy)
  • PLEASE ALWAYS PICK UP FIRST before visiting with other families.
  • LANDSCAPE Please keep all children off of the landscape and bark/rock at all times.
  • Please provide advanced notice when picking up early so we may have your child ready to go with the least disruptions as possible.
  • Open Door Policy at all times but pleases remember any interruptions during class hours can be disruptive to the class/flow of schedule.



  • Thematic Units-Kissing Hand focus on Feelings/new beginnings/separation anxiety; Chicka Chicka Boom Boom-great entry to alphabet/sensory with fruits/letter recognition/
  • LSU’s Letter of the Week – Weekly Thematic Units
    • TLC Art Books created throughout the year & taken home in May
    • Journals with HWT – Handwriting Without Tears – Formation Focus beginning with straight lines then moving into curves.


  • Please allow your child to be responsible (of course with your help) in remembering their bags/books every day.  A new book will not come home until the prior book is returned.
  • Please choose ‘school shoes’ & ‘school clothes’ that are easy for them to take off/put on and work on this with them at home as well.
  • The kids LOVE to learn how to ‘pump’ on our swings! 🙂


  • Fine Motor Skills are important in most school activities as well as in life in general. Weaknesses in fine motor skills can affect a child’s ability to eat, write legibly, use a computer, turn pages in a book, and perform personal care tasks such as dressing and grooming. (
  • LSU helps to develop fine motor skills through a wide variety of activities; i.e. gel, rice, shaving cream writing, pencil grips, tongs, playdough, exposure to countless forms of sensory items (beans, rice, pasta, water beads), wiki sticks (or Bendaroos), and so much more.
  • We will be tracing our name weekly. Please practice at home and continue to work with your child throughout the year.


  • Follow the rescue school district posted on our site
  • Field trips and special visitors
    • Sept./Oct. Police Visit
    • Oct. Pumpkin Patch
    • Dec. Gingerbread House Decorating
    • Jan. Dentist
    • February/March Pizza
    • April/May Zoo
    • May Mother’s Day Surprise
    • May End-of-Year Party/Kindergarten Buddy Tour


  • Celebrated throughout the year with Summer ½ birthdays
  • Please NO FOOD TREATS/Donation book/Party Favors
  • Special helper for the day
  • Parents welcome last 15 min for celebration


  • Will be held in Nov and April with assessments or on an as-needed basis.
  • Remember no news is good news!


  • Pleases remember we are in a residential neighborhood
  • Speed limit 25 or always below
  • Pleases park along the right side of our court only, DO NOT block driveways other than mine/may use our driveway and ALWAYS NOSE IN at the round of court


  • MONTHLY TUITION is $325 and due the first of every month (September-May with August due on the 1st day of school).
  • Late fees will be applied. (Please refer to your Handbook)


  • Will be open to current families in Nov.  Re-registration ($100) + Half August Tuition ($162) will be due when Registration takes place (total $262).  If there is a struggle to make this additional payment, please speak to me ASAP so we can form a payment plan ahead of time.


  • FRUIT CALENDAR-In an effort to promote healthy eating habits we will be providing a monthly fruit calendar.  On your families designated day, please send in FRUIT ONLY that is washed, cut, and prepared enough for 12 children.  If you have ideas to incorporate our weekly letter/theme please do so but please remember to bring FRUIT ONLY.  We will post weekly themes within our updated snack calendar, linked through Google Calendar.
  • Water is always accessible; please no water bottles


  • Fruit Only- DO NOT CUT WITH ANY UTENSILS THAT MAY BE EXPOSED TO NUTS/please do not bring in food as we have students with severe allergies.
  • NUT-FREE-LSU is a nut-free environment meaning we WILL NOT allow food that contains nuts of any kind, including processed with.


    • This is extremely important, we need to ensure the health and safety of all students by limiting germs.
    • If you need to call to ask if you should keep your child home, please keep your child home.
    • PLEASE ALWAYS PRACTICE COUGH CATCHERS and blowing/wiping noses.
    • If you are called to pick your child up due to illness, this must be done ASAP.


  • We will soon choose a Star Student (one per week).  You will receive a poster to fill out at home and you will become our ‘special helper’ during your Star Week!
  • In January, we may begin Homework!  We have small activities to connect school and home. These are meant to be fun and not stressful! 🙂


  • We love donations; Books, Kleenex, hand sanitizer, toilet paper, printer paper, glue sticks, baby wipes, construction paper, extra trinkets, etc. always needed.  We will post important needed items in our Monthly News.




  • We have recently connected with an amazing online tutoring company, Alchemy.  This is not your average tutoring company, but so much more!  Alchemy strives to build up the confidence of all students allowing them to believe they are worthy and can do anything they set their minds to do.  Alchemy is not just about improving marks, but improving each student’s overall self image. 

THANK YOU for entrusting us with your gems and we look forward to our best year yet! ~ Ms. Kristin & Ms. Tracy

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