Letter T

Letter T in Our Classroom

We TALKED all about the Letter T with the Teacher Ms. Takita signaling the class to TAKE a Time Out! We were tickled with the happy ending of our Scholastic Letter T Book When Tilly Turtle Came to Tea!  We also taught the Letter T with words such as… two, tomato, toes, teeth, tent, turtle, tiger, tractor, toothbrush, train, turkey, tangerine, ten, trees, toad, transportation, taxi, table, telephone, terrific and so much more!

all rights reserved @lilscholarsuniversity
all rights reserved @lilscholarsuniversity
Our Letter Tt YouTube Song List
Our kids get so excited when they bring in snack and boy do we get some creative chefs! Check out our Letter T, Teddy Grahams, Triscuit Minis, Tostito Tortilla Chips, Tangerines & so much more!
Here is a sneak peek of our math, block, literacy & sensory centers!
We use shapes to create our TLC Tractors, work on our Letter Tt journals, and paint our hands to make our special baby turtles!
Direct Draw Turtles; no 2 are ever the same!
Letter Tt is for… Tickle!
Teal Toothbrush Painting
Triangle Toothpick Towers
We hope you are inspired by Letter Tt in Our Room over the years…

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