Letter F

Letter F in Our Classroom

We have been having FUN with Letter Ff in our room!  Our Fingerling Friend made a guest appearance and we named her Tickles! We fixed farm fences with Finn, followed Fifi Ferret’s flute with her fabulous friends and made our very own Foil Friends as we learned all about how to be a good friend! We also found that Ff is for… fabric, face, fairy, fall, family, fan, farm, feather, feelings, feet, felt, fennel, fern, festive, fiddle, Fig Newtons, figs, fine motor skills, finger, finger paint, fire, fire engine, firefighter, first place, fish, fish crackers, fish sticks, fishing, five, flag, flamingo, flower, flute, fly, fondue, football, fork, fossil, four, fox, frames, French bread, French fries, French toast, friend, friendship, frog, frosted flakes, fruit, fruit cups, fruit roll-ups, fruit snacks, fudge, funnel, and so much more!

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