Our Classroom


OUR CLASSROOM is filled with academic tools from fine-motor skill building to open creations. We have a large array of materials for children to explore with and learn from daily. Our classroom comes to life based on our themes and all materials used to encompass that theme.

 OUR MISSION is to enrich children’s lives through our unique, quality, educational preschool program.  We encourage CRITICAL THINKING and EXPLORATION for a smooth transition into a COMMON CORE KINDERGARTEN.  Our PRIMARY GOAL is that each of our Lil’ Scholars grow with a true love for learning and the confidence needed for personal and academic success.

TEACHING IS OUR PASSION!  We not only teach our local community we also NETWORK with other teachers and educators around the world, helping to CREATE A WORLD OF INSPIRATION.

A big part of our classroom center decor was purchased from Pocket of Preschool! Thank you, Jackie, for all of your amazing inspiration!

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