THIS IS ME Grad Song

We were inspired beyond words when we heard the song THIS IS ME and our GRAD SONG was born! We hope you love it as much as we do! Please feel free to teach this to your class or revise it based on your kids! Please check out our VIDEO BELOW and if you reuse this or re-create, please tag us! *ALL RIGHTS RESERVED @LILSCHOLARSUNIVERSITY*

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Today is Graduation Day,

We’ve laughed & played

And you put a stamp on our hearts

We’ve learned so much from all of you,

To smile every day, give big hugs

And be true to who you are

You’ve grown up so much this year

We’re proud of everyone who’s here

We love our (YOUR SCHOOL/CLASS NAME) Family


I’ve learned my ABC’s & 123’s (counting fingers 1, 2, 3)

My colors, shapes & sounds

I’m beginning to read (hold hands like a book)

Kiss my brain, I am smart (hands to lips / hands to head)

I am who I’m meant to be (thumbs up to chest)

THIS IS ME (hands up high above head)

Watch out world, here I come (hands over eyes looking around)

And I’ll move big mountains one by one (index fingers from chest out)

Learned so much, I am ready (point to head / show muscles)

To take on this big world (big circle with arms over head)

THIS IS ME,  OH, OH, OH (hands up high above head)

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