Kids + Mindfulness REDEFINED

We inspire mindful learners & creative teachers around the world from our Kinder-Prep Preschool located in El Dorado Hills, CA.

Why Lil' Scholars University?

OUR MISSION is to enrich children’s lives through MINDFULNESS and our unique, quality and educational kinder-prep-preschool program.  We encourage CRITICAL THINKING and EXPLORATION for a smooth transition into a COMMON CORE KINDERGARTEN.  Our PRIMARY GOAL is that each of our Lil’ Scholars grow with a true love for learning and the confidence needed for personal and academic success.

TEACHING IS OUR PASSION!  We not only teach our local community, we also NETWORK with other teachers and educators around the world, helping to CREATE A WORLD OF INSPIRATION.


LEARNING Our students are engaged and LEARNING through a wide variety of skills and topics in unique and interesting ways.  As we combine thematic units and academic subjects, our classroom evolves into an exciting learning wonderland.

HAPPY KIDS Smiles and giggles often fill our room.  HAPPY KIDS run through our door, as our classroom evolves, excited to see what new materials are out for them to enjoy and engage with during our daily child exploration time.  At circle time, kids are engaged as we explore through calendar, letters, numbers, colors, music and so much more.  Sometimes, it’s hard to leave after a day of so much fun.

HAPPY PARENTS Our hearts thrive on happy families!  When kids are happy, PARENTS are even more HAPPY!


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With over 30+ years of combined experience and education, we offer a well-rounded curriculum that continues to develop upon itself.  As a Director of a preschool and after-school program, obtaining a BA in Child Development and teaching credential and 10+ years of classroom experience including Kindergarten, Lil’ Scholars was born.  We are an in-home Kinder-Prep preschool, established in 2005, licensed and located in the Promontory of El Dorado Hills, CA.

Teaching is our passion!  Over the years of creating a growing curriculum, we not only teach our local community, we also network with other teachers and educators around the world, helping to create a world of inspiration.


Lil’ Scholars University is located in the Promontory of El Dorado Hills, neighboring Lakeview Elementary School.  We have families join us from Folsom, Rescue and Buckeye School Districts.  We have made great relationships with local teachers, helping guarantee a smooth transition into our local Common-Core Kindergarten Classrooms.  We have been referred by teachers, speech pathologists and doctors from around our local community.  It is an honor to teach our young students and create bonding relationships with so many families within our community.

With education as our passion, it is also an honor to inspire other educators around the world.  We connect with world-wide classrooms in creating projects shared with other students. Networking with other educational websites helps to inspire our teaching as we have host activities in our classroom with partnering educators.


Relationships are essential to a child’s development. Children need to feel secure and loved, especially when transitioning from the “home nest” to school.  As moms, we know how difficult this process can sometimes be.  Therefore, when transitioning at Lil’ Scholars, we become extremely empathetic to anyone who may have a hard time with this, child or parent.  We will send you pictures throughout their time here to give you both the reassurance needed through this process.  Remember, “Quick goodbyes lead to dry eyes!”


Our students’ development is our primary goal, that they may grow with a true love for learning and the confidence needed for personal and academic success.  Our developmental age appropriate curriculum is designed around hands on learning, where children are encouraged to explore and learn through their own work and play.  We offer small class sizes which gives us the opportunity to work 1:1 or in small groups, helping each child reach his or her highest potential.

Fostering independence is also crucial to a child’s development.  At Lil’ Scholars our students have many tools and materials at their fingertips to help develop their independence, from daily fine motor skill tools to making their own decisions throughout their day. Our students are encouraged daily to be responsible for themselves.  Examples are carrying their own school bags, switching out their take-home books, personal care with dressing themselves and pumping their own soap when using the restroom, as well as putting on their own socks and shoes.