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I have a huge passion for all things PRESCHOOL and mindfulness is my cherry on top! With teaching as my superpower and part of my DNA since I was a little girl, I am here today to help inspire parents and teachers of  preschoolers all around the world!

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Lil' Scholars University

Lil’ Scholars University, established in 2005, is a large in-home preschool located in El Dorado Hills, CA, where we engage in loads of hands-on preschool activities with a focus on mindfulness, literacy, math, art, crafts, sensory, and science. Above all, our learning wonderland is where all of our creativity takes place and this site is where I get to share it all with you!

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Why Join Our Lil' Scholars Family?

OUR MISSION is to enrich children’s lives through mindfulness and our unique, quality, and educational kinder-prep-preschool program. Therefore, we encourage critical thinking and exploration for a smooth transition into a Common Core TK-Transitional or Kindergarten Classroom. Most important, our primary goal is that each of our Lil’ Scholars grow with a true love for learning and the confidence needed for personal and academic success. Teaching is our passion and we not only teach our local community but also network with other teachers and educators around the world, helping to create a world of inspiration!

Fall 2024-25

Limited Space


AM Class
1 open spot

PM Class
2 open spots

From the Hearts of Our Families

Within our walls, learning and laughter play out daily, as children eagerly step into our ever-evolving educational wonderland. Each new day unfolds with the promise of discovery, and our little explorers can’t wait to see what’s in store. Parents share in this excitement, witnessing their children’s growth of continued exploration at home. Our community is built on this shared joy—when our children flourish, their family’s hearts grow fonder and fuller.

"We moved to EDH last year and visited many potential preschools. Lil Scholars was the only pre-school my daughter walked in and felt immediately at home. Kristin and her staff are definitely the type of teachers that are just made to be around kids. The environment is fun, and educational; a lot of hands-on activities, and my daughter absolutely loved attending here. I feel this school helped her prepare for kindergarten and introduced her to a great group of little friends."

"Our child is enrolled at ‘Lil Scholars and he loves it! As soon as he arrives it’s “Mom who?”. The teachers are wonderful and we are so impressed with the director/program. She has provided extensive literature on the preschool/monthly newsletters, parent/teacher conferences, a clean, educational and loving environment… We highly recommend this school!"

"Excellent preschool. I’ve had children here 4 years. My kids love it. Ms. Kristin and her team are the best teachers and very loving to the children. They do fun activities and personalize the experience for each child. Highly recommend."

"My child just started with Lil Scholars! I'm absolutely impressed with the teachers and the program! I highly recommend the school!"

Join Our Interactive Blog

Get ready to roll up your sleeves and dive into fun! Our blog is a playground of hands-on activities that spark creativity and ignite learning. Whether you’re crafting masterpieces, solving puzzles, or exploring new concepts, we’ve got a world of adventures waiting for you. So, gear up with your thinking caps, and let’s transform ideas into action together. Join the journey, embrace the wonders of imagination, and let’s create something extraordinary. We’re excited to see your creations come to life!








Exciting New Book Release

I am thrilled to announce my first interactive children’s book – ROX! It’s a journey of rhymes and charm that empowers kids to dream big. Alongside ROX, I have had the honor of illustrating the festive magic of ‘Twas the Night Before Winter Wonderland’ and the vibrant escapades of ‘RoRo Bean the Drama Queen’. Each book is a crafted celebration of joy, creativity, and the art of storytelling, designed to delight and educate our young readers. Dive into these pages where imagination comes to life, and be inspired by the power of dreams, dance, and drama!

Bring the Adventures Home

Teachers of Little Learners

We are incredibly passionate about inspiring educators with our unique curriculum. Our innovative approach combines creativity with practical learning, designed to engage young minds and empower teachers. Each lesson is a step towards transforming education into an adventure, filled with discovery and joy. Join us in shaping the future of early education, one inspired teacher and curious learner at a time.

Dreaming of Owning a Preschool?

Do you love kids and have a desire for flexibility in choosing your own curriculum and teaching style, establishing a more intimate and personal connection with students and families, and creating a conducive learning environment all while in the comfort of your very own home? We have an online community to give preschool entrepreneurs support in learning what is needed to create a high quality and well-balanced learning environment. If you are an aspiring owner, we have the group for you! 

Join our unique group created specifically for in-home preschool programs. Our situation is unique…we aren’t your traditional family child care program but we also don’t work in a center preschool program. We are the best combination of both worlds…small, close knit, home like environment that offers rich, hands on, educational opportunities for preschool aged children to help prepare them for kindergarten success and beyond!

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