Letter F

Letter F in Our Classroom We have been having FUN with Letter Ff in our room!  Our Fingerling Friend mad a guest appearance and we named her Tickles! We fixed farm fences with Finn, followed Fifi Ferret’s flute with her fabulous friends and made our very own Foil Friends as we learned all about how to be a good friend! We also found that Ff is for… fabric, face, fairy, fall, family, fan, farm, feather, […]

Letter E

Letter E in Our Classroom We EXPLORED the Letter E with Eddie the Eraser erasing everything and we were extremely entertained with the book, The Enormous Elephant Show!  We also engaged with the Letter E and… eagle, earmuffs, earphones, earrings, ears, Earth, earthworms, easel, Easter Bunny, edges, Eeyore, egg, egg STEM, egg rolls, Eggo waffles, eggplant, Eggplant Parmigiana, eight, elbow noodles, elbows, elephant, elf, Elmer, emotions, enchiladas, engine, envelope, equal, eraser, eskimo, eye, eye dropper, […]

Our Classroom

OUR CLASSROOM OUR CLASSROOM is filled with academic tools from fine-motor skill building to open creations. We have a large array of materials for children to explore with and learn from daily. Our classroom comes to life based on our themes and all materials used to encompass that theme.  OUR MISSION is to enrich children’s lives through our unique, quality, educational preschool program.  We encourage CRITICAL THINKING and EXPLORATION for a smooth transition into a COMMON CORE KINDERGARTEN.  Our PRIMARY GOAL is that each […]

Letter L

LETTER L in our Room! We LEARNED so much with Letter L this week!  We loved literature with Luis the Librarian and we laughed our way through the book, The Lamb Who Loved to Laugh!  We also learned L is for… lacing, ladder, ladle, lady, ladybug, lake, lamb, lamp, lantern, large, lasagna, laughter, lavender, leaf, leak, learn, leash, left, Legos, legs, lemon, lemon aid stand, lemon meringue pie, lemur, lentils, leopard, leotard, leprechaun, let, letters, […]

Letter M

LETTER M in our room! Our minds learned so much with the Letter M and the book, Monkey’s Miserable Monday! We also wrote our letter M’s with Max the Maestro of Music!  Our main focus in our classroom was mice as we used shapes with our direct draw and TLC art, we used magnifying glasses to find the letter M in our room, and so much more…

Crawlies Word Tracers

Crawlies Word Tracers We had so much fun hosting another amazing educational tool from Education.com titled Crawlies Word Tracer. We paired this tracer with our Reading Slinkys! A huge THANK YOU to Shannon at Education.com for another amazing resource! Some cute bugs are here to help young learners with their writing skills. Education.com is full of academic resources like this for all areas.  Let the learning and fun continue!

Letter R

RAINBOWS WITH LETTER R We went on an adventure with the Letter R and the book, Rosie Rabbit’s Radish! We also rowed in our rowboats with Rocco as as we wrote or letter R’s!  Our main focus in our classroom was rainbows with lots of color sorting as we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day. We also focused on reading, race cars, reading, torn paper rainbows, Ritz, the rainbow song as we made rainbow necklaces with fruit […]

THIS IS ME Grad Song

We were inspired beyond words when we heard the song THIS IS ME and our GRAD SONG was born! We hope you love it as much as we do! Please feel free to teach this to your class or revise it based on your kids! Please check out our VIDEO BELOW and if you reuse this or re-create, please tag us! *ALL RIGHTS RESERVED @LILSCHOLARSUNIVERSITY* INSTAGRAM PINTEREST HERE ON OUR BLOG below THIS IS ME […]

Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss is magical! His books sparked my LOVE for reading, when I was a kid! Today I celebrate him every year in my classroom and I want to share our magic with you! We celebrated Dr. Seuss with: SHARING our Favorite Books CAT IN HAT: Painting our hands to make Thing 1 and Thing 2 GREEN EGGS & HAM: Egg Races (and eating them, too!) YUMMY SNACKS: Rainbow Goldfish like ONE FISH, TWO FISH, […]

Lesson Plan Templates

We are so excited to offer you our newly updated version of our EDITABLE Lesson/Daily Plan Template.  Just click on the link below for our instant Power Point download.  This adorable free font is KG Shake It Off and will need to be loaded into your fonts to create the same look.  Editable Lesson Plans 


ADVERTISING TIPS Advertising is an important piece to building your in-home preschool, whether you are just starting out, changing up your program days/hours or adding more kids into your program. REFERRALS Your very BEST form of advertising will always be WORD OF MOUTH!  Having current families out in the community expressing to others how much they love you and your program, will always be your best form of advertising. NETWORKING Networking is huge! Jump into […]

Letter A

ADVENTURES WITH LETTER A We went on an adventure with the Letter A and the book, Addy the Alligator while Abby the Acrobat flew through the air with us as we wrote or letter A’s!  The main focus in our classroom was the alphabet as we traced with automobiles, read, wrote and filled-in the missing letters.  We explored apples with our senses and even had a taste test!  Ants were created by following directions with […]

Cozy Maze

We are honored to be hosting another amazing educational tool from Education.com  titled Winter-themed Cozy Maze. We cozied up during Letter D week and learned how to follow Directions through our Cozy Maze.  We moved through our classroom and followed lines, just like we would through our maze.  We also discussed how we can’t make it through walls, so we then need to go back and find a new Direction to follow.  Once we made it back […]

100 Days

100 Classes of Sweetness and Smarts Here is what 100 looks like in our classroom!!  We created 100 structures and designs with materials brought in by each of our Lil’ Scholars!!  We built with STEM, sang, ate, and exercised with our buddy ZERO THE HERO and dressed up as our own SUPERHEROES!!  We had a blast with 100!!

My Shape Book

It was such an honor when we were contacted by Shannon at Education.com and asked to publish a fully prepared activity exclusively on our blog.  We immediately got to work and created this with our class!  We hope you enjoy this video of OUR CLASSROOM SHAPE BOOK! Below you will find Our Shape Book Video!  You will also find this activity and a direct link to it!  We hope you will use our tools to create this […]